Aloha Mathematics Warriors!!

Please join us on Friday, September 18, for an informal discussion about some foundational mathematical results. Specifically,

  • The Continuum Hypothesis
  • The Axiom of Choice
  • Equivalence Relations
  • The Mean Value Theorem
  • The Completeness of the Reals

Find out who among us believe and who do not believe in the Axiom of Choice. Talk with your fellow math warrior about some examples of equivalence relations. Eat some pizza and just listen to the conversation next to you about the Continuum Hypothesis. Yes, I did say pizza. There will be pizza, snacks, coffee, and other refreshments. So, come by and enjoy the math!

When: Friday, September 18

Time: 2:30pm

Where: Keller 318

Hope to see you there!

About Manoa Math Ohana

We are a club at the University of Hawaii at Manoa focused on helping math majors succeed academically, helping math majors to choose careers, and building a sense of community in the math department.
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